Innovations for the ‘Energy Internet’

Design Thinking workshop for start-ups, developers and creative thinkers.
In collaboration with Wuppertal Institute.

Design Challenge

How can we create innovations for the future energy system, where renewable technologies converge with new energy market concepts and a distributed communication infrastructure based on smart IT solutions?


Image taken from 3M Smart Grid


For the transition towards a sustainable energy future, new energy infrastructures are pivotal. We need an ‚Energy Internet‘ (J.Rifkin), where IT-based communication technology operates renewable energy generation in an intelligent manner and coordinates the complex interactions between producers and consumers (‚prosumers‘) on distributed energy networks. The setup of this new infrastructure offers huge opportunities for innovations – particularly in the area of information technology – but also raises questions about data security and consumer protection.

Our one-day workshop will bring (renewable) energy experts together with IT/Internet developers and entrepreneurs from the collaborative economy. The central aim of the workshop is to develop ideas how the concepts of ‚big data‘, ‚internet of things‘, ‚peer production/consumption‘ could be interlinked with renewable energy technologies, smart grids, and new energy market concepts.


The workshop will follow the Design Thinking method, a process recognized as being highly efficient for solving problems and developing strategies in mixed, interdisciplinary teams. The sessions will be moderated by skilled design thinking experts, all having a long track record as facilitators in similar workshops.


Agenda June 27, 2015

13.00 Arrival

13.15 Welcome & Getting to know each other

14.00 Introduction of Design Challenge

16.00 Presentation of Results & Discussion

16.45 Feedback & Feedforward

17.30 End



This event happens at Impact HUB Berlin, Friedrichstrasse 246, 10969 Berlin




Bernhard Brand via bernhard.brand (at)
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