GETD#1 Summit & Hackathon Berlin

Berlin – Sep 17 to 19, 2014

Together, we will be discussing the hottest topics of the decentralized web!

We will listen to inspiring talks, exchange knowledge and not least hack the solutions we are passionate about.

At GETD you will meet like minded people in a crowd of super interesting individuals that all share one goal: to collaborate. Meet the creative minds behind Gatesense, Riot_OS, Leihbar and Jolocom. Contribute your experience and skills, and mingle with peers to collectively become more impactful.

GETD also has some treats for you: GOTO will give away a couple of tickets to their yearly Berlin conference and O’Reilly contributed book- and gift-vouchers for their latest books around the topic.

Agora Collective offers an amazing space to come together, where we will also be enjoying really special catering from Fresh Parsnip.



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