JOLOCOM Design Challenge

This is a UX/UI design challenge. On Saturday, 13th December 2014 our network partner Jolocom, the Berlin-based software startup, is looking for your help. They will be holding a Design Challenge at Agora in Berlin-Neukölln with UX and UI designers to think-up innovative concepts to get to the next step!

People and projects participating in the GETD network are invited to host events within the framework of the GETDecentralized Event. Jolocom is challenging all Berlin-Brandenburg-based UX and UI designers in:


“Create an innovative Human Centered Interaction Design for a decentralized mobile application that helps users to control, manage and connect their daily generated data.”

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Guidelines on the challenge

This challenge is conceptual, programming is not required
You may apply as team or single person
You may team up in the beginning of the day
You may use whatever tools you like working with
You should present your outcome in a visual form

Details on the company Jolocom

Jolocom builds a data-handling application. Its decentralized architecture gives ownership and full control over communication and other daily generated data. The application enables comprehensive information management and supercharges collaboration.

The software allows individuals, companies and organizations – the users – to control, manage and connect their data. The novelty of Jolocom’s innovation is that every kind of data can be shared across networks while remaining secure in the hands of the originator. Core to the innovation is the decentralized server and database structure Jolocom proposes.

Jolocom presents the opportunity to implement an entirely new approach to data privacy, data connectivity, as well as data management and sharing. Each user has its dedicated server and database, which can inter-operate with other users’ servers and databases. Users own and control their data. They map their personal information and eventually make it sharable and visible to their peers. A new form of open data communication emerges, which goes beyond the functionality of current databases, similar to long adopted communication technologies of telephone and email.

Many users face the problem of disconnected, inaccessible data sets and of sensitive data-protection issues, hindering the recognition of business opportunities and the driving of innovation. Through Jolocom’s software sharing information and collaboration advances greatly, which becomes increasingly important for driving business and innovation in social and economic terms.


Agenda 13th December 2014

09.45 – Coffee and Croissants

10.00 – Introduction of the challenge, finding the teams

10.30 – Design Process

13.00 – Lunch

13.45 – Refinement of the concepts, exchange of ideas

15.00 – Evaluation

15.30 – Announcement of outcomes

16.00 – Open End




This event happens at Agora Collective, Mittelweg 50, 12053 Berlin


Contact Joachim Lohkamp via jl at for further information or questions and visit their website

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