Decentralized Autonomous Organisations for Coworking Spaces – Workshop

Using Blockchain Technology with Smart Contracts a new form of governance and exchange can be explored. A Decentralized Autonomous Organisation can be formed using such technology. A DAO can take many shapes and forms. In this context it is a collection of smart contracts that amount to a series of by-laws and other documents that determine its constituency and the management of resources. As much or as little as determined in its code and devoid of central leadership.


Recent technical developments and ongoing activities are demonstrating, that Decentralized Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) are worthwhile exploring in the sharing economy and its coworking scene. What makes coworking spaces particularly interesting are the inherent properties of a space being ‘hardware’, people being at the center, and social interaction is strongly tied to real-life events.

– Can a DAO improve these interactions?
– What should a DAO in the context of Coworking be able to do?
– How would a Coworking DAO MVP look like?

In this workshop we will be exploring the above questions with a diverse group of people from the field. We will also be discussing this in the context of a possible pilot project that has been integrated into the application for a EU Horizon 2020 call (pending) on decentralized systems.


Workshop takes place as part of GETD#4
Location: AGORA, Mittelweg 50
Date: Saturday 23rd July 2016
Time 10.30 h – 12.30 h

Contact & RSVP for this session:

christian at jolocom dot com