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Decentralization as a mean of empowerment

“To transform bureaucratic hierarchies into technology driven networks” (Fred Wilson). That is what the actors from the GETDecentralized community want to achieve. Their next meetings are in San Francisco and Paris. A full track will be dedicated to this topic at the next OuiShare Fest.

Decentralization has become a buzzword… read more

Decentralize All The Things! – on Tech Crunch

They gave us a fully decentralized Internet and we used it to build web services–Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, iCloud–so massively centralized they verge on being quasi-medieval fiefdoms. Now we’re building the Internet of Someone Else’s Things, wherein every room of every home will contain devices controlled by servers the homeowners don’t know, control, or understand. What is wrong with us? … read more

Discussing the hottest topics of the decentralized web at GETD – by Alex Corbi

„If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” is a more than adequate motto chosen by GETD‘s organisers to give character to this event, a conference aiming to explore the status, possibilities and challenges of the decentralized web. In its first edition, GETD took place between the 17th and 19th of September in the amazing Agora Collective space in Berlin-Neukölln.

Decentralized web is a relatively new topic for many, as it is my case, and completely unknown by the vast majority of the internet users. If you belong to the latter group, let me explain briefly what I understand behind this term: The internet that most of the people use today (let me call it mainstream web) is structured in a centralized manner and a huge percent of the information is stored in big data centres and routed through servers owned by gigantic corporations. This makes possible that we all … read more

Review of GETDecentralized at Agora in Berlin – by Joachim Lohkamp

We are super excited that we could welcome a diverse crowd from across Europe and abroad at GETD, and I guess one could argue that all who attended were pulled together by shared common interests and values.
The vision of GETD is Decentralization. This is also reflected in the projects that were being represented at GETD.

Over the course of three days we got to know various perspectives onto decentralization and different approaches to realize decentralization. The perspectives included technologies and also business, finance and impact models.

With events we always face a challenge to sync our time coordinates with each other. So there were quite some people who could not come to GETD for various reasons.
Therefore we had contributions from Henry Story (who just became a father: again congratulations!) who presented his vision and work on the decentralized web via hangout, Ina Lauth joined via Skype to explain Finnodex, and then we had a Living Bridges hangout panel moderated by Bert-Ola Bergstrand, which was open to participants from all around the world in which people could share their work and visions on decentralization.

Collaboration: GETD was also designed as an experiment to support collaboration on a personal, project and technological level. Within the format of GETD the event as such is part of a larger process that continuously drives the progress of team building, project development and technological interoperability with the goal to create a collaborative ecosystem.

Community building: it was also nice to see that individuals new to the network found it easy to integrate into the collaboration of existing projects, or brought along their own project and connected it to others.

Funding: during the event we had a dedicated session for funding with a focus on EU calls, crowd funding and venture capital. Individual show cases and shared experiences allowed to learn from each other, and to form consortia and partnerships for future funding.

Location: with our coworking space Agora we also have an attractive partner as proof of concept for collaboration and community building – many companies look into alternative concepts to take leaps in creativity and innovation. Community building and collaboration are also requirements that are specifically demanded in a few EU calls.And as an open space it also enables newbies to the collaborative economy to experience it.

Thx again to all of you for the great collaboration.

What people said:

“I had a great time at GETD. The projects were great, we had a lot of room to connect and learn from each other. I’ll be there again next time!” – Justas Azna (Developer)

“I enjoyed it a great deal. I really loved the “Decentralized” theme used not only in software projects but also in beer, food and funding. Finally, it is always nice to meet like-minded people and I think I learned a great deal from you guys.” – Eelco Wiersma (Developer)

“I’m working on another layer of the integration of CoAP and Node-RED and can use the Grundfos (Gatesense) work from your hackathon. Great outcome!” – Michael Koster (ARM)